O to be a soul set free from all the chains that bind,
From strongholds and old habits and leave them all behind.
To become all that God has planned; to soar just like a bird,
To be a person shining bright; a light for the whole world.

Removing our defenses; tearing down our walls
To take an honest look at what is hidden in our souls;
To stop deflecting all our pain by pointing at another
And know that God sees secret faults that we work hard to cover.

O bow before our Father and take authority
Over all those strongholds; rebuke them and they’ll flee.
Admit the hidden sins to Him, He knows them anyway
And ask the Lord to break their hold in our lives on this day!

As God brings restoration and as He makes us new,
Instead of building walls to hide we’ll rebuild the ancient ruins;
The ruins that have cast their net from generations past,
That ravaged lives and destroyed gifts that God wanted to use.

O Father, make us whole today; create a new, clean heart,
That’s vulnerable and humble that satan can’t distort;
A heart that trusts our Father with all life’s ups and downs,
With hearts that worship and adore until we win a crown!

Rhonda Shelford Jansen

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