The Roaring Lion

A few days ago I spoke with a woman that has struggled with depression since the death of her spouse seven years ago.  Sadly, the grief has taken such a hold that she is now mostly housebound.  She rarely goes to church because even though there are many other singles sitting all alone, she sees only the couples sitting side by side and that reminds her of her loss.  She finds it hard to remember the fact that she has value and a purpose to fulfill; that God has left her here for a reason…an assignment for her alone.  We talked for a while and then we prayed.  After that, I pondered for a long time how devastating loss and trials can be and how the devil loves to convince us that we are alone and that there is no hope since things didn’t turn out like we wanted.  The thing is my dear friend, that devastating belief… is a lie.

The Roaring Lion

The devil is a roaring lion seeking to devour                                                              
He plans to deal a mighty blow in our darkest hour
He fills our heads and hearts with lies that seem so logical
Our hands and feet he tightly binds, so all things seem impossible.

He takes the trouble in our lives and turns them into ashes
He tells us that our worth is gone and no one even likes us
He speaks so loud that we can’t hear the Spirit’s voice so soft
Reminding us to rise and grow and prosper from the loss.

He blinds our eyes to Gods great hand that’s reaching down to save us
He tells us there’s no use to pray and that we should be anxious
And as we listen to the lies our hearts change to a stone
The enemy laughs, and thinks he’s won; Our spirits cry and groan.

Oh Lord this day, come in Your might,  remove these chains I pray
Silence all the devil’s lies… and speak Your truth today
Tear the blinders from my eyes in Jesus mighty name
That I might see with Godly sight a purpose in the pain.

Soften up the hardened soil in my wounded heart
So I reflect a love and grace that only comes from God
Unchain my hands; give my feet wings – they were entombed in clay
And may I be Your hands and feet to share Your hope each day.

Help me to recognize the lies the devil brings in pain
Turn worry into passionate prayer and anxiety will flee
Help me to die unto myself, to know that our God’s sovereign
For as I bow before Your throne I’ll soar above my problems.

Rhonda Shelford Jansen



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