The Healer

His grace, it is sufficient
It covers all our sin
It loves us when we make mistakes
It changes us within
He knows we’re merely human
That we quickly forget
But His great love and grace for us
Pours downs on us again.

He will heal our wounds and scars
Will cleanse and make us whole
As we bow down before Him
Submitting heart and soul
All the wrongs we’ve suffered
Mistakes that we have made
The things that left a gaping wound
Our Lord, will mend and save.

Lets trust Him with our whole heart
For He knows what He’s doing
He has a plan that’s not like ours
So rest in His renewing
O what a loving Father; magnificent and true
He disciplines with love and grace
To change our point of view
With our eyes fixed upon Him
We’ll walk upon the waves
For when we trust, He takes our hand
And leads us the right way.

Our redeeming Savior
Our shelter in the storm
He shed His blood to set us free
He bore the crown of thorns
He takes all of our ashes
And turns them in to beauty
And as we praise and worship Him
We’ll shine like gold and rubies.

Rhonda Shelford Jansen

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