The Grace of God

The grace of God pours down like rain, to wash away my guilt and shame
It reaches through my faults and failings, through hardened heart and disobeying
From stubborn pride it cleanses me and offers hope that sets me free
From chains that tie me to the past and hardened heart that breaks like glass
And when I fall and lose my way, You pick me up and gently say
Fear not my child My love is true, it does not waver though you do
I’ll mold you into something new and bring new courage through and through.

O God to You I humbly bow, amazed by grace You give me now
Your grace, it daily sets me free; Your mercy, drops me to my knees
As I submit my will to You, old strongholds fade like morning dew
I’m overwhelmed, my mind is reeling, my heart is full with grace You’re giving
How can you love a wretch like me, a sinner lost in hostile seas?

Then dawned on me a fearful jest, that I hold grace tight to my chest
I don’t extend the grace God gives to others whom I must forgive
But rather, judgment fills my heart; I hold contempt when they fall short
Forgetting all my sins and failing, I pound the gavel; pronounce them guilty
With pride filled heart I give no mercy.

What kind of pride will take God’s grace then turn and share it case by case
Forgive me God; help me to see that what I do is grieving thee
Remind me when I am offended, Your grace must always be extended
To make more room for grace from You to share Your love each day anew.

Rhonda Shelford Jansen

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