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God, Why Do You Let Bad Things Happen?

 As troubles mount up strong and tall, doubt overcomes the heart
We wonder why God would allow our world to fall apart
For trials choke our hurting hearts with mighty cords of fear
They blur our sight and plug our ears to God who’s standing near
We ask, “Where are the blessings, God promised those He loves
And why do trials rage and roar against His chosen ones
Does He care or is He distant from the lives of men
Do our prayers fall empty… far from His great hand?”
OUR wisdom says pain can’t be God’s perfect will for us
Would we allow a child we love to suffer such deep loss?
But wisdom from the throne of God is not the way of man
It’s deeper than the deepest sea; more vast than grains of sand
With His awesome, holy sight, God knows just what we need
He teaches us in circumstance and waits for us to heed
He molds and forms us just like clay, in a potter’s hand
He bends and works the clay until its fashioned like He planned
Through pain and pressure, stress and fire, a new work comes in view
Forever changed, with softened heart, tested through and through
For what the devil means for loss…our God means for gain
And bowing to God’s sovereign will, new life we shall attain.

Rhonda Shelford Jansen