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My Hope, My Joy, My Stay!

God’s with me when I flounder and when I stress and fight,
He holds me close when life is hard and full of pain and strife.
When my faith starts to falter, when I want MY control;
When I cry out that life’s not fair and can’t take anymore;
When He tells me to “Just let go” and I just cannot do it,
Because this isn’t what I planned and now I’m struggling through it.
You know I’m straining hard to keep the future like I planned,
And for a moment I trust You; the next, I take command.

I open up my bible, I cry out on my knees,
I quote and say Your promises, that usually set me free;
But here I sit in anxious doubt so desperate for an answer;
O help me get through this dark book for I don’t like this chapter.
There’s anger and frustration, boiling deep in me,
I’m trying to keep it in control and not let others see.
But I am to my breaking point; O Father rescue me!
For I am lost and needy, O come and set me free!

Hear me Lord, my Father…I know You know what’s best,
So help me trust You even when, life does not make sense.
Please help me to surrender all my hopes and dreams,
To let You to take my trembling hand and follow where You lead.
Help me to lay down all my pride and what I think is best,
Replace it with a trust so true that I walk through this test.
Fill my heart with grace and love; free me from these chains;
Take away my fear and doubt, O turn my loss to gain!

I know Your ways aren’t my ways; I know You’re infinite;
I know that You are sovereign; That You’re magnificent!
That You see the whole picture, the beginning from the end;
So I release all my control and on You, I’ll depend.
I know Your plans are good for me so help me to let go,
And in this fire pour Your peace into this stormy soul.
Bring the change You want in me, I lay down my own way,
To You my Great Redeemer, my Hope, my Joy, my Stay!

Who is the Rock, except our God; His strength is always sure.
He arms us with His power and keeps our way secure.
He makes our feet like hinds feet so we can scale the heights;
He trains our hands for battle; our sword, our shield and might.
Your right hand will sustain us; Your help will make us great;
You clear the path before us so our ankles don’t give way.
O blessing, honor glory, to the King of Kings,
For He alone makes our dark, light; He crushes satan’s sting!
Pslams 18

Rhonda Shelford Jansen

God’s Healing Hand On a Wounded Heart


I kneel at your feet

Head resting in my hands

Tears of pain flowing without restraint


My soul, battered, is without hope

My dreams of love and acceptance gone

Success, I’m unable to define


You let me cry, uninterrupted

Knowing I must taste the bitterness of pain

And acknowledge its vise like grip on my heart


Slowly I sit and lift my hands up to you

“Take my battered heart, oh Lord

It feels constricted and small from the wounds


Like a piece of paper, crumpled into a ball

No longer resembling its original purpose

Rendered of little value or use.”


Your strong hands encompass mine

Comforting and warm

Applying pressure without pain


My wounded heart beats a little faster

With a rhythm I’m unfamiliar with

Steady, strong, sure, secure


A healing balm of forgiveness and acceptance

Is  massaged into my heart

A spark of hope glows deep within


The Holy Spirit breathes the breath of life

Into my heart, mind and body

Smoothing out the crumpled edges of my life


Lord God Almighty, you are the great healer

Of wounded hearts and messed up lives

Restoring hope and purpose to those who love you


To God be all glory and praise.


Debora Shelford Hobbs


Below are the lines from a chorus in Jeremy Camp’s Healing Hand of God and a link to his video. Enjoy this beautiful song.

I have seen, The healing hand of God, Reaching out and mending broken hearts. Taste and see the fullness of His peace, And hold on to what’s being held out. The healing hand of God.


Take Every Thought Captive

Take every thought captive and you will stand strong
Resist all temptation to fixate on wrongs.
Focus on things that are good, pure, and true,
With a heart that is thankful and mind that’s renewed.
We must stay alert to our thoughts and dark musings
Or they’ll take control and like mountains, stand looming.
They’ll shadow the light that God always shines
The light that brings hope into hearts and to minds.

Negative thoughts run us down rabbit holes
And Its hard to get out, for the thoughts take control.
They cover God’s truth and seep through the mind
And to everything lovely, the eyes become blind.
Allowing our thoughts to grow negative roots
Will taint every word and produce ugly fruit.
They will rob needed sleep and waste precious time
And Satan just smiles for we bought his lie.

Focus your mind on things worthy of praise
Renewing your mind in the Lord every day.
Be constantly thankful, let joy set the tone
For negative thoughts will dry up our bones.
If we will just trust Him and see through His eyes
With hearts full of worship to our God on high.
The peace that surpasses all man’s understanding
Will rule in our hearts over negative rantings.

Let your heart not be troubled, do not be afraid
For we are God’s children so don’t be dismayed.
Take every thought captive in line with God’s truth
Confess sin and failings and His peace will ensue.
Press on to the goal that we have through Christ
And bless Father God with our thoughts, words, and lives.
Help us oh Lord to recall Your commands
So we might obey and in holiness stand.

May we hear our own words; may we become wise
So we see ourselves through Your holy eyes.
We extol You our God; bless Your name forever
Array us in hope no matter the weather.
May the words of our heart and our meditations
Be acceptable to You our Savior; Redeemer.
We bow before You, the King of all Kings
May Your light fill our hearts and Your peace fill our dreams.

Rhonda Shelford Jansen