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Don’t Wish Away Your Life

It’s easy to find ourselves at any age, in a state of discontent.  Most often, the grass really isn’t greener on the other side and the other side will bring its own set of problems.  The best way to prosper in this imperfect life is to be thankful for what we have and for each stage of life because it goes by far too quickly.  My own Dad, said to me many times, “Don’t wish away your life.” Those are true words of wisdom.

Her 18th birthday was getting close but not quite close enough
For she could hardly wait to be free of childish stuff
She couldn’t wait for college, to head down her own path
To live a brand new future and be free of Mom and Dad
No parents breathing down her neck, no teachers keeping tabs
A truly independent girl, giving life a stab
Her Daddy always told her, “Don’t wish your life away
But savor every moment for time quickly slips away.”

She thought those words were silly for tomorrow’s always better
And on she marched at a fast pace, thinking she was clever
But then she realized the stress of keeping up her grades
Of barely having money and dealing with roommates
She focused on the stresses; blind to all the good
Getting out of school… was all she understood
Her Daddy always told her, “Don’t wish your life away
Know that life is fleeting so treasure every day.”

She dreamt of something different; she was tired of her life
She thought if she found something new, true happiness she’d find
Forgetting her Dad’s warning, she wished away her days
And all the steps that life serves up; to her, were just delays
And she forgot to stop and see the joy in every phase
She thought “I’ll find an awesome job, and I’ll have lots of money
And then I’ll find the perfect guy and my days will be sunny”
Her Daddy always told her, “Don’t wish away your life
But enjoy every moment, discontentment will bring strife.”

Her new job was a hassle her boss was less than nice
And marriage wasn’t all she dreamed; sometimes she felt like ice
She knew her hopes were failing; she didn’t know just why
But as she sat and pondered, a little voice replied
“Be thankful for each moment; don’t wish away your life
For life is never perfect; discontentment will bring strife
Be thankful for each blessing and focus on what’s right
For bad things always live beside what’s good and what is bright
So rest when things aren’t what you thought, enjoy each stage of life
And you will bloom right where you are; and joy will shine like light.”

Rhonda Shelford Jansen