Stories from Life and Words of Encouragement

Welcome to our blog.

We are two sisters that have separately experienced many trials in our lives.  From those experiences we are posting stories, insights, lessons learned, and poetry.

We address the fact that much trouble is encountered along the road of life but we are not alone in our struggles, hurts, and disappointments.  We want to convey that the Lord is an endless well of hope and have found in our lives that hope is the best antidepressant known to man.  

As much as we dread trials, if walked through with faith and perseverance they can transform us into something beautiful, something good, something far beyond anything we can imagine.
After all, that is why the Lord allows us to go through hard times …to refine us until we are pure as gold.

We hope you’re encouraged by the words and pray that you find good in the pain, loss, and trials that you experience.

The Lord God be with you and may He shine down upon you and give you peace.

All entries are based on our personal experiences and personal insights.  They are for each reader to consider only.  The entries are in no way intended to be a final authority or offer a complete analysis of any particular situation.

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Stories from life, Words of encouragement, and Poetry to lift your soul.