Emmanuel Forever (Emmanuel – God with us)

O child of the most high king why do your hands hang limp;
Why is your heart so downcast; Your stance, weary and bent.
O lift your head and fix your eyes on God the one true Savior;
For He brings restoration and he’ll bring you new favor.
He knows that you’ve had sorrow and that there’s shame and pain;
He knows you’re disappointed but He is still the King.
He loves you more than you can know; He feels your hurt and pain;
But He allows the fire to cleanse and set us free.
He told us there’d be trouble but He will turn it ‘round,
If we’ll submit our rights and ways, to Him who wears the crown.
In submission we release God’s awesome, mighty power,
And rest and hope will fill our souls and we will grow and flower.
He has a plan O little one, so rise up from the ashes,
And fear not as you walk this out for He is true compassion.
Let God go forth in justice, let Him make all things right,
For He sees the big picture and He is truth and light.
O child, trust in Him alone, the Alpha and Omega,
The King of Kings, Almighty God; Emmanuel forever!


Rhonda Shelford Jansen

One thought on “Emmanuel Forever (Emmanuel – God with us)”

  1. While I sympathize with Mr. Bolling and all who are affected by the “opioid crises, I, as someone who relies on a combination of opioids and neuro stimulation to even function at a diminished capacity, am concerned that those of us that truly need these drugs to even function may find themselves facing a life of pain unnecessarily. Before anyone assumes that I have not tried other ways to control my pain, I have tried almost all available alternatives, except cannabis oil, before advancing to opioids as an adjunct to the neuro stimulation which has allowed me to function. We must take into account that by reducing the availability to have such drugs for those who suffer as I do with intractable pain, we may be sentencing us to a life of pain and reduced functionality and even the contemplation of suicide. Any person”s death is a tragedy and I pray for Mr. Bolling and all the other families who have lost someone to drug addiction. However, we must not allow these tragedies prevent the proper care, which may or may not include opioids, of those suffering with intractable pain.

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