In recent months, several people close to me have lost loved ones and their pain  has caused me to reflect on what they are going through and the emptiness they are experiencing.  The finality of huge life changes and the required adjustment  is difficult to say the least.  But the fact is, life greets all of us with change ranging from earth shattering events like death, life threatening illness, or divorce, or even smaller events like becoming an empty nester or losing a job.  How we ultimately respond to these changes determines how we live the rest of our lives.  This poem is a combination of all those thoughts.  Blessings to you!



The house, it echoed empty
The silence was so loud
The table had an empty place
The couch once held a crowd
The covers on the bed, unturned
No laughter down the hall
No dirty clothes upon the floor
No one to help with chores
Silence marched around the house
Consuming light and air
Joyful times that were the norm
Now silent evermore.

The change, it came too sudden
Time went so terribly fast.
Why can’t God turn back the clock
And make time last and last?
The longing for some space for “self”
The compromises asked
The noise and all the clutter
The chaos and the mess
The projects left unfinished
All seemed important then
Now seem like paltry nothings
With eternity compared.

Time rolls along with no regard
To whether hearts are ready
Change brings a fog that covers all
Where balance seems unsteady
What can be done in this new day
To reach beyond familiar ways
To find new paths, new ways to serve
To navigate life’s hair pin turns
O Lord please come and show the way
Fill up these walls with joy today
May Your presence linger here
Instead of empty, lonely, fear.

Its hard to live beyond the past
Loving sweet memories but finding new paths
Embracing change in this new season
Trusting in God’s holy reasons
Letting go of what was planned
For something different from God’s hand
Lord, birth a willing heart that’s soft
Sooth the grief and heart of loss
Moving forward in Your light
Open new doors, to soar on the heights
There’s purpose still… roll the darkness away
Let new sweet memories, be made today.


Rhonda Shelford Jansen

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