Are You There?


Where are you God…Where are You hiding?
Don’t you see that I am dying?
My path is dark; All hope has faded
For change and answers I have waited.
I’ve prayed until no words are left
I’ve cried for help… and yet.
Silence only greets my heart
Waves of pain I wish You’d part.
My outstretched hands feel empty air
This, no longer can I bear!
I’m crushed beneath the weight of pain
My thinking says I’m less than sane.
My faith is mocked, my prayers; contempt
When will Your heart to me be bent?
I long for help, to know You’re near
To see mountains fall and paths come clear.

Are You real?

Do You care?

 Although You seem so far away
And my heart’s filled with clouds of gray
Yet I will praise and worship thee
For good will come just wait and see.
To Your promise I will cling
That You will come and give me wings.
You have not failed, seem though it may
A bigger picture is at bay.
Refiner’s fire, cleanse me pure
Renew my hope, make each step sure.
For even yet, Your grace will shine
For purpose comes from every trial.
Change me, mold me, new and fresh
More like You; and “me,” much less.
I hope in You and You alone
For in my weakness You are strong.

I won’t give up!

I won’t despair! 

Great good will come from all I bear.
For You will come to cleanse and change
To bring good purpose in all things
Renewing hope on eagle’s wings.

By Rhonda Shelford Jansen 

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