O Holy Night, O Glorious Night!

O holy night when earth stood still
The universe proclaimed God’s will
When God became a mortal man
A sacrifice for every sin
Stars and sky announced His coming
Mary’s heart was full with knowing
A little babe so unassuming
Would change the world and bring renewing.

O holy night when hope broke through
The angels sang and heaven knew
The babe had come to save mankind
Heal broken hearts, give sight to blind
The prophecies were all fulfilled
In virgin birth, on night so still
Emmanuel, our one true Savior
Atonement for our sinful failure.

O holy night, O glorious night
Sacred; like no other time
The shepherds heard, the wise men knew
God’s perfect plan was now in view
To crush the barrier of sin
And join the heart of God to man
The world would never be the same
O praise our God, lift high His name!

O holy night, in Bethlehem
When God perplexed the ways of man
Born in a stall, the son of God
Not with riches, fame, and awe
Who would have thought the King of Jews
Would be so humbly introduced
For God’s ways aren’t the ways of man
His wisdom reigns above our plans.

O holy night, when Christ was born
He brought us hope to be restored
He broke the chains that bind us tight
He split the darkness and gave us light
He is the way, our one Redeemer
He stands on high, our Lord and Healer
O worship Him, lift up your voice
Our sacrifice; in Him, rejoice!

Rhonda Shelford Jansen