A Tree Called “Can’t Forgive”

There are many possible reasons for unanswered prayer. This poem deals with only one…the heart.   Other explanations for unanswered prayer can be that we must wait on God’s timing or the person we’re praying for is resisting the Holy Spirit since God gives us all free will.   It can also be that what we are asking for isn’t good in the long run or there may be something we need to learn before the answer can be delivered.  Lastly, a request  might very simply,  not be in God’s will or purpose for our lives.  This poem deals directly with the sins of the heart and the affect they can have on our prayer life.  The poem doesn’t mean that we can only see answers to prayer if we are sinless, for if that were the case, we would never see answered prayer.  But when God reveals something in our heart that needs to change and we resist, we run into all kinds of problems including a greatly diminished prayer life.

A Tree Called “Can’t Forgive”

With faith as small as mustard seed a mighty mountain falls Just a spoken word of faith uproots a tree and all Its written that a fervent prayer from a heart that’s right Releases heaven’s power and shackles evils’ fight. 

So if my prayers are full of faith… are fervent from my heart Then tell me why my heartfelt cries seem empty and ignored I’ve watched and waited long O God… to see my mountains fall But all I see is empty space and silence from You pours. Here on my knees I cry to You, Renew my hope this day For I am growing weary and my scars, they blind my way.

 As I cried unto the Lord, His words came sure and true That if I hold sin in my heart, my prayers cannot be heard. 

And then God said so clear and loud; it shook my world that day A tree of unforgiveness, has hid you’re prayers from Me. For its dark roots have burrowed down and fostered bitter pride They furrowed deep within the heart and judgment worked its blight And now a tree called “Can’t Forgive” shades My holy light. It stands between your heart and Mine, it shadows prayers and cries And as it grows it suffocates My power in your life. With faith just like a mustard seed uproot that tree this day. And cast it out with roots and all in Jesus’ mighty name. As “Can’t Forgive” is toppled, My heart will join with yours And you will see with your own eyes, My power from heaven pour. 


Luke 17:6,  Matthew 17:20, James 5:16, Psalms 66:18 Rhonda Shelford Jansen