More Beautiful than Diamonds

This has been a hard year.  We’ve had trial after trial…and I don’t mean small ones.  Last month, I drove across the state to attend my son’s college graduation.  I was alone because my husband was stuck in a long and arduous fishing season so was unable to attend.  Saying I was feeling heavy hearted with the load I’ve been carrying is an understatement.  My iPod was playing worship music and an old song began that brought me back to another time.

Twenty years ago, my husband bought me a beautiful diamond and sapphire bracelet for my birthday.  It was the most beautiful piece of jewelry I owned and was a big splurge since we had little money in those days.  I cherished that bracelet and wore it every day. 
I awoke one morning and realized that the bracelet wasn’t on my wrist.  With a feeling of dread I frantically searched every inch of my house and car, but I didn’t find it.  Trying to exhaust all possibilities, I drove one and a half hours to the ski resort I had visited the day before, but no one had turned in my bracelet.  I checked at all the places I had stopped along the way, but still had no luck.   After my final inquiry, I headed to the car teary eyed, fearful that the bracelet was lost forever. 

Before starting my car, I sat and cried to God about how much the bracelet meant to me and explained to Him its great sentimental value.  I reasoned with God that He should help me find it because it was the most valuable thing I had to my name and that we had no insurance to cover it. 
Wiping my tears, I turned the key in the ignition and my CD player started automatically, “Lord You are more precious than silver, Lord You are more costly than gold.  Lord You are more beautiful than diamonds and nothing I desire compares to You.”  Tears streamed down my face and I knew that I would not be finding my bracelet. 

Twenty years later the song was touching my soul again and I realized that once again my heart was focused on the loss of things that are important to me. Things that are good and even honor God and things I have prayed for diligently and fervently.  Answers to those prayers have been slow in coming and instead, more trouble piled on.  But that moment, when that song started, I realized that I was so focused on what I longed for that I forgot to value my relationship with God above all else… even above the desires of my heart that are good and are things that God ultimately wants for my family and me.  I knew that very moment that when it comes right down to it, there is NOTHING I desire or value above my Lord and that’s the way it should be.   I asked the Lord to help me to rest in His love and trust Him afresh with every situation and to take the spirit of heaviness from me.  Suddenly, instead of my problems and worries weighing me down, the burden became light and joy rushed into my heart.  My outlook was renewed even though none of my circumstances had changed.  
I swear I replayed the song and sang to the top of my lungs twenty times…one for every year that my bracelet has been lost. 

By Rhonda Shelford Jansen